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Amanda Uliaszek

Behaviour Analysis: Chapter twenty-three Part VI – Specialized Topics in behaviour Analysis (Biofeedback) 1) What is Biofeedback? :  Biofeedback technique where an electromechanical device monitors a person’s physiological process & immediately reports the info to the indiv (ex: <3 rate)  Allows person to gain voluntary control over these bodily processes through operant conditioning o Reinforces wtv you had done to achieve decrease in blood pressure for example Instrument and Measurement:  BP Biofeedback: Sphygmomanometer measures patient’s blood pressure  HR Biofeedback: <3 Rate  GSR Biofeedback: galvanic skin response, measure of sweat gland activity by testing how readily the skin conducts electricity o Sweaty skin conducts more readily  EEG Biofeedback: electrical activity in the brain  EMG biofeedback: measures muscle tension by assessing electrical activity of muscles when they contract  Thermal biofeedback: Measures skin temp o All these measures are indirect o Take outside of the body o Measures allow us only to infer internal changes  Biofeedback session begins after the 15 min baseline period b/c person may be nervous initially or may have rushed to get to the appt Importance of Training and Developmental Level:  Learning to regulate own bodily process w/ biofeedback res professional training w/ reinforcements  More effective w/ children (less skeptical & more enthusiastic) 2) Biofeedback applications:  EEG training to ↑ alpha-wave activity, control own brain activity,  lvls of anxiety not proven Treating Hypertension:  Using biofeedback with relaxation techniques may be useful to reduce BP while minimizing use of drugs o W.o relaxation methods still effective  Medical treatment begins w/ exercising/ dietary changes to 
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