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Chapter 1


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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 1 Behavior Modification ApproachWhat is BehaviorActivity action performance responding response and reaction Anything that a person says or doesTechnically it is any muscular glandular or electrical activity of an organismProducts of behavior what you get from performing a behavior eg an A plus in classOvert behavior visible behavior that can be observed and recorded by an individual other than the one performing the behaviorCovert private internal activities that cannot be readily observed by others activities that occur within ones skin and that therefore require special instruments for others to observethinking and feelings are private behaviorSometimes we think in words is called private selftalkImagining and private selftalk are sometimes also called cognitive behaviors techniques to deal with these are called cognitive behavior modificationCharacteristics of behavior that can be measured are called dimensions of behaviorThe duration of behavior is the length of time that it lastsFrequency of behavior is the number of instances that occur in a given period of timeIntensity or force of behavior refers to the physical effort or energy involved in emitting the behavior eg Mary had a strong grip when shaking handsBehavior modifiers talk more precisely about behavior instead of using summary labelsA summary label such as intelligence should be used in an adjective or adverb form to describe how people behave under certain conditions not as a noun for some thing Depending on who uses the word it can mean anything but whatever it means it refers to ways of behavingCreativity also refers to the kinds of behavior in which a person is likely to engage under cer
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