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Amanda Uliaszek

Chapter 28: Future Challenges for the Field and You Challenges for Behaviour Analysis: Improving the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis  Sometimes behv change programs fail or doesn’t correct targ behv quickly as desired.  2 reasons: o 1. Some professionals still use “intuitive” process instead of functional assessments in choosing treatment o 2. Techniques not always implemented correctly  Ex: staff may b/cm lax if not carefully trained and monitored o These can be improved by enhancing the care with which interventions are designed & implemented Improving the Effectiveness of Applied Behaviour Analysis:  Decrease aggression, addressed each of the reinforcers in sequence o Ex: eliminating one reinforcer at a time & rewarding alt. behvs  Multiple baseline design show systematic decreases in prob behv.  Addressing all reinforcers improve success  Behv analysis techniques useful in correcting behv probs & promise prevention of human suffering and prob behvs o Ex: interventions preventing teens from developing addictive behvs (train indivs in self management skills)  Relapse= impt prob Documenting cost-benefit ratios:  Challenge to justify conducting interventions in relation to financial costs  Cost-benefit ratios  extent to which intervention saves more money in the long run than it costs  Most therapy techniques not yet been subjected to cost benefit analysis  Reducing costs involve using mass media and internet to deliver interventions (internet to monitor behv and reach large #’s of ppl at low costs) Increasing the Scope of Behaviour Analysis Application:  60’s behv methods applied in disabled institutional settings  Behaviour analysis application expanded greatly (nurses, students, workers) Integrating Therapy Approaches:  1 decade after behv therapy – applied single techniques such as reinforcement  then began to combine diff behv methods  research found support for the effectiveness of many diff methods of therapy  common form of integration  use of medication  treating depression, cog-behv therapy as effective as medication & costs less Enhancing the Image of Applied Behavio
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