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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 PSYB45 Chapter 16 Antecedent Control Procedures Examples of Antecedent Control Getting Marianne to Study More  Page 316-317 Defining Antecedent Control Procedures  Involves manipulating some aspect of the physical or social environment to evoke a desired response or to make a competing, undesirable behavior less likely  6 different antecedent control procedures Presenting the Discriminative Stimulus (S ) or Cues for the Desired Behavior  one reason that a desirable behavior may not occur often is that the SDs for the behavior are not present in the person’s environment o If healthy food is not present, we can’t eat it  318-319  Example: A autistic child who has a reinforcer of bites of food o Training will be more effective right before lunch than right after lunch o Using a naturally-occurring establishing operation to increase likelihood that a desirable behavior will not occur during training Removing the Discriminative Stimulus or Cues for Undesirable Behaviors  One way to decrease likelihood of an undesirable behavior is to remove the antecedent conditions that have stimulus control over it o If SD/cues for undesirable behavior are not present, it is less likely for person to engage in behavior  Examples on page 322 Presenting abolishing Operation for Undesirable Behaviors  If you can make outcome of undesirable behavior less reinforcing, you will be less likely to engage in behavior and therefore more likely to engage in desirable behavior  Make the outcome of undesirable behavior less reinforcing by presenting an abolishing operation (or eliminating an establishing operation) for the reinforcer o Not always possible but some cases is useful  Page 323-324 Increasing the Response Effort for Undesirable Behaviors  Decreasing the likelihood of an undesirable competing behavior may increase the response effort for the behavior  Page 324-325  You can remove the SD or cues for undesirable behavior  You can present abolishing operation for undesirable behaviors  You can increase the response effort for the undesirable behaviors Research on Antecedent Control Strategies  Research has shown that antecedent control strategies are effective in increasing and decreasing a variety of behaviors Chapter 16 PSYB45 Manipulating Discriminative Stimuli  Example: Antecedent control procedure to increase use of trash receptacles and decrease litter at college football games o Modified a trash can by putting a cover over it that resembled hats worn by uni football fans o When someone pushed door covering trash can, a mechanical device lifted cover to expose word Thanks  Modification of the trash can was a stimulus prompt (cue) to put trash in the can o This helped increase the amount of garbage put in the trash can  Research has shown that antecedent control procedures can be used to increase seat belt use in employees who drove company owned trucks o Stickers reminding driver to use seatbelt was on dashboard o Also had a warming that there could be a reduction in insurance coverage if driver had an accident while not wearing a seat-belt o Also had a memo describing regulation about mandatory use of sat belts in agency vehicles  Page 237-238 Manipulating Response Effort  Researchers have investigated a variety of procedures involving m
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