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Michael Inzlicht

Emotions ch 5 emotional experience in turn generates emotion related bodily changes I it was said that emotions generate in the brain but James altered this locating the origins of emotional experience in the body bodily changes follow directly the perception of the exciting fact and that our feeling of the same changes as they occur is the emotionThe autonomic nervous system the ANS most general function is to maintain the internal condition of the body para branch helps with restorative processes the sympa branch increases heart rateThe parasympathetic and sympathetic branches para originates in the vagus nerve and sacral regision para decreasesheart rate and blood pressure it facilitates blood flow by dilating certain arteries it is essential to the sexual response sympa the opposite way from the para system it increases heart rate and produces vasoconstriction it shuts down the digestive process sympa helps prepare the body for fight or flight support for Jamess claims regarding the autonomic specificity and emotion there are over a dozen distinct autonomic pathways that activate different regions of the body another is that one can imagine different ways in which components of the autonomic system could combine such patterns could plausibly account for the diversity of emotion experienceCannons critique of autonomic specificity cannon argued against James theory he proposed that bodily changes are produced by the brain and that they are similar during different emotions such as anger and fear different emotions involved exactly the same general activation of the sympathetic nervous system arousal response includes the release of the hormone adrenaline cannon argued that the response of the autonomic system the changes in heart rate breathing and sweat are too diffuse and non specific to account for the distinct varieties of emotional experience the specificity and nuance of different emotions cannon contended was to be found not in the body but in the brain autonomic responses are too slow to account for the rapidity in which we experience emotion the main actions of the autonomic system which james contended were specific to emotion actually occur in a variety of other states such as fevers cold exposure or asphyxia love and fevers have the same autonomic patterning
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