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Michael Inzlicht

Emotions-lec 2 Academic world -the life world, your world whats happening in your world -idographic individual cases, creating situations what is the meaning of the situations and concrete events -phonomenology, what went down in the situation and what did it mean to you? -how deeply can you get into your life -in episodes there are meanings and we are trying to grasps those meanings -the g german word -the n german word -studying both the nature of physical and organic worlds -things are happening in the physical world and the way we understand it, is different from each viewpoint -we understand it from a certain view -we have ideas about the world, we have ideas about the physical and the social world, but they are not always truth -we have ideas in terms of how we deal with our world and they permit us how to negotiate with our world -the physical world is a creation of the world of the mind -people who are more and more isolated, walk around with more ideas -we have ideas in our mind, but we need to come to understand that our ideas change Two worlds -everyday life can have an automatic aspect to it and some can have planned or critical aspect -detached viewpoint: standing back and looking at it Laboratory world -whats the relationshipship between event in the outside world and lab world -they should match meaning they are equally valid ecological validity -just because someone tells you a story doesn’t mean it is true Layers -double touch -we live in the belief that we are in a separate entity -In one body but how many worlds? -just because we are in a body, doesn’t mean we are isolated from each other -we are in many different worlds and lives at once -but then we have private worlds they don’t know about and even private worlds we don’t know about (unconsciousness) -there are layers and levels and worlds and we are in all of it -within the person who we are we are layered and seen as an open ended system - being honest with ourselves about the nature of who we are. *phone -unity within variety, we have selves that we pull together in an unified way Four fundamental layers -when we have an emotional experience, or intellectual, a very powerful mental experience it can be organic, that includes the biological processes - you can feel it in your gut, it expressed with somatic symptoms -if your reserved your burning up inside, if your emote
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