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Chapter 21


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Jessica Dere

CHAPTER 21DIRECT BEHAVIORAL ASSESMENT WHAT TO RECORD AND HOWCHARACTERISTICS OF BEHAVIOR TO BE RECORDEDTopography of behaviorThe specific movements involved in making the responsePicture prompts are sometimes useful for helping observers to identify variations in the topography of a responseExample teacher must identify measurable values how to do a back stroke and then proceed with the shaping program based on those levelsAmount of behavior1Frequency of behavior refers to the number of instances of a behavior that occurs in a given period of timeFrequency graph the baseline performance of a individual each point represents the total number of elements completed during a practice sessionCumulative graph each response for a condition during a session is cumulated or added to the total responses of all previous sessions for that conditionoThe slope of the line on this graph indicates how may responses occurred during that time periodoThe highest slope indicates the higher number of responses and vice versa for the lowest slopeoThe line in this graph can never decrease however if there is no response then a flat line will be presentA cumulative graph is usually preferred over a frequency graph when comparing two or more behaviors or conditions and when the differences are small2Duration of behaviorIt is the length of time that it occurs within some periodoExample when measuring temper tantrums you will be more concerned with the duration then the frequency Measuring frequency would be hard as its ambiguous to measure frequency of temper tantrum which factor would you measure screaming hitting etcDuration of behavior is measured using timers stopwatches or clocksIntensity of behaviorAssessments of intensity usually utilizes instrumentationsoExample trying to record voice loudness can be done so with a voice meter that records decibel levelsStimulus control of behavior
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