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Chapter 4

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 4 Neuron Structure and FunctionResting membrane potential the voltage difference across the cell membranesElectrochemical gradients acts a potential energy Excitable cells cells that can rapidly change their membrane potential in response to a signal Ex NeuronsNeurons are specialized cells that carry electrical signals across long distancesNeurons vary in their structure Unipolar Bipolar Multipolar but all have these 4 zonesoSignal Reception dendrites cell bodyoSignal Integration Axon Hillock also coined the trigger zoneoSignal Conduction AxonoSignal TransmissionAxon TerminalSignaling in a Vertebrate Motor NeuronMotor neuron a neuron that sends signals from the CNSskeletal musclesoHas a dendrite that receives signals and converts it to an electrical signal oCell body that has the nucleus and performs routine metabolic functions like synthesizing and degrading proteins oAxon hillock located btw the axon and the cell body Signals from the Dendrite and soma are directed towards here where an action potential is initiated oAxon carries out action potential conduction oAxon terminal where synapse with skeletal muscle using Neurotransmitters Overall Signalmembrane potentialaction potentialRelease of Neurotransmitters Electrical Signal in NeuronsMembrane potentials the electrical gradient across a cellular membrane can acts as electrical signalsThe property of being excitable gives the neurons the ability to store recall and distribute infoMost neurons have a resting potential of 70 mvoDuring depolarization the the membrane potential becomes less negative more positiveoDuring hyperpolarization membrane potential becomes more negative Goldman Equation 3 factors contribute to the Membrane potentialodistribution of ions across plasma membraneopermeability of the membrane to ionsothe charges of these ions
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