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Chapter 3

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 3 Graphing Behaviour and Measuring ChangeGraph visual representation of occurrence of behavior over time Efficient way to view occurrence of behavior because it shows results of recording during many observation periodsBehavior analysts use graphs to identify level of behavior before treatment and after treatment beginsEasier to compare levels of behavior before during and afterComponents of a GraphTime and behavior are two variables Each data point gives two pieces of info oWhen behavior was recorded timeoLevel of behavior at the timeTime is indicated on horizontal axis Also called abscissa xaxis Level of behavior is indicated on vertical axis Also called ordinate yaxis Six components are necessary for graph to be completeoYaxis and xaxisMost graphs have xaxis longer than yaxis and is usually 12 times as long oLabels for yaxis and xaxisYaxis label usually tells you behavior and dimension of behavior that is recorded Xaxis label tells unit of time during which behavior is recorded oNumbers on yaxis and xaxisOn yaxis numbers indicate units of measurement of behavior Xaxis numbers indicate units of measurement of time Should be hash mark on yaxis and xaxis to correspond to each of the numbers oData pointsMust be plotted correctly to indicate level of behavior that occurred at each particular time period Info on level of behavior and time periods is taken from data sheet or other behavior recording instrument Each point is connected to adjacent data points by line oPhase LinesPhase line is vertical line on graph that indicates change in treatment Change can be from notreatment phase to treatment phase from
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