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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 26- Helping an Individual to Develop Self-Control Case Study Many problems of self control involve self restraint- learning to decrease excessive behaviors that have immediate gratification- such as excessive smoking, eating, drinking, and TV watching. Responses that need to be increased such as studying, exercising, being assertive, and performing household chores. Make people speak of Will Power that is responsible for overcoming such problems. It is more useful to look at how problems of self control stem from differences between effective versus ineffective consequences of a behavior. Problems of Behavior Excesses One type of self control problem consists of behavior excesses doing too much of something. All such behavior excesses lead to immediate reinforcers (good taste, enjoyable scenes on TV etc) and even though they might also lead to negative consequences, the latter are often ineffective. Immediate Reinforcers Versus Delayed Punishers for a Behavior A teenager lies about getting the homework done and is allowed to leave with friends. Lying is immediately reinforced. The lie is not discovered until later, and the consequent punishment (e.g. being grounded, failing the assignment) is long delayed from the instance of lying. If a behavior leads to immediate reinforcers but delayed punishers, the immediate reinforcers win out. The immediate backslapping and laughter of friends after someone chugs a pitcher of beer may override the delayed punishing consequences of a hangover. Immediate Reinforcers Versus Cumulatively Significant Punishers for a Behavior www.notesolution.com
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