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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Textbook NotesChapter 2Observing and Recording BehaviourBehavioural Assessment Measurement of the target behaviour or behaviours in behavioural modificationImportant becausea measuring helps determine whether treatment is necessaryb can help choose best treatmentc helps determine whether treatment was effective by measuring b4 and afterDirect and Indirect AssessmentBehavioural AssessmentDirectA person observes and secords the target behaviour as it occursThis is better because indirect depends on peoples memoryMost research and application in behaviour mod relies on direct assessmentIndirectInvolves using interviews questionnaires and rating scales to obtain info on the target behaviourtarget personDirect Assessment Methods1Defining the target behaviour2Determining the logistics of recording3Choosing a recording method4Choosing a recording instrumentDefining the Target BehaviourMust identify exactly what person does or says which makes it a behavioural excess or deficit targeted for changeIt must be described using active verbs in order to describe specific behaviours that a person exhibitsDefinition must be objectiveunambiguousMust not make judgements abt persons intentionsMust not labelA good definition means others can agreeInterobserver ReliabilityWhen 2 pple independently observe the same behaviour and both record that the behaviour occurredYou must develop a specific behavioural definition that fits the target behaviour of the personThe Logistics of RecordingThe ObserverWho will observe and record the behaviourmaybe a psychologistTeacher parent staff member or supervisorMust record immediately after behaviour occursSelfmonitoringwhen client observesrecords hisher own behaviouruseful when behaviour cannot be observed by someone elsecan be combined w direct observation by another observerWhen and Where to RecordObservation periodthe observer records the target behaviour in this specific periodusually
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