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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 textbook notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 3 y The primary tool used to document behaviour change is the graph y Graph a visual representation of the ocurrance of a behaviour over timey In a typical behaviour modification graph time and behaviour are the two variables illustratedy Time is indicated on the xaxis aka the abscissay Level of behaviour is indicated on the yaxis aka the ordinatey Six components are necessary for a graph to be completeo The yaxis and the xaxisusually the x axis is one to two times longer than the y axis o The labels for the yaxis and the xaxiso The numbers on the yaxis and the xaxiso Data pointso Phase linesa vertical line on a graph that indicates a change in treatment A phase is a period in which the same treatment or no treatment is in effect Data points are not connected across the phase lineso Phase labelsappears at the top of the graph above the phase Most graphs has a
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