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Chapter 1

PSYB45 Chapter 1 Detailed notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 1Intro To Behavior ModificationDefining Human BehaviorHuman behavior is subject matter of behavior modificationCharacteristicsoBehavior what people do and say Described with action verbs Not a static characteristic of person Identifies what person says or does oBehaviors have one or more dimensionsoFrequency number of times behavior occursoDuration time from when instance of behavior starts until it stopsoIntensityBehaviors can be observed described and recorded Occurrence can be observedBehaviors have impact on environment Occurrence has some effect on environment in which it occursBehavior is lawfuloOccurrence is systematically influenced by environmental eventsoBasic behavioral principles describe functional relationships between behavior and environmental eventsoPrinciples describe how behavior is influenced by or occurs as function of environmental eventsBehaviors may be overt or covertoMost often behavior modification procedures are used to understand and change overt behaviorsoOvert behavior action that can be observed and recorded by person other than one engaging in behavioroCovert behavior private events Not observable to others thinking Defining Behavior ModificationBehavior Modification field of psychology concerned with analyzing and modifying human behavioroAnalyzing identifying functional relationship between environmental events and particular behaviour to understand reasons for behavior or to determine why person behaved as they didoModifying developing and implementing procedures to help people change their behavior Involves altering environmental events so as to influence behavior Behavior modification procedures are developed by professionals and used to change socially significant behaviors with goal of improving some aspect of persons lifeCharacteristics of Behavior Modification Focus on BehavioroBehavior modification procedures are designed to change behavior not personal characteristic or trait oEmphasizes labelingoBehavioral excesses and deficits are targets for change with behavior modification proceduresoTarget behavior behavior to be modeledoBehavioral excess undesirable target behavior person wants to decrease in frequency duration or intensity smokingoBehavioral deficit desirable target behavior person wants to increase in frequency duration or intensity exercise and studyingProcedures based on behavioral principlesoBehavior mod is application of basic principles originally derived from experimental research with lab animalsoExperimental analysis of behavior scientific study of behavior or behavior analysis
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