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Chapter 2

PSYB45 Chapter 2 Detailed notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 2Observing and Recording BehaviorFundamental aspect of behavior mod is measuring behavior is targeted for changeBehavioral assessment measurement of target behavior in behavior modBehavior mod important for number of reasonsoMeasuring behavior before treatment provides info that can help you determine whether treatment is necessaryoBehavioral assessment can provide info that helps you choose best treatmentoMeasuring target behavior before and after treatment allows you to determine whether the behavior changed after treatment was implementedDirect and Indirect AssessmentTwo types of behavioral assessmentoDirect assessment person observes and records target behavior as it occursoIndirect assessment involves using interviews questionnaires and rating scales to obtain info on target behavior from person exhibiting behavior or from othersTo observe target behavior observer must be in close proximity to person exhibiting behavior so that target behavior can be seenObserver must have precise definition of target behavior so that its occurrence can be distinguished from occurrences of other behaviorsTo record target behavior observer must register occurrence of behavior when its observedDirect assessment more accurate than indirectoIn direct assessment observer is trained specifically to observe target behavior and record its occurrence immediatelyoIn indirect assessment info on target behavior depends on peoples memoriesPeople providing info may not have been trained to observe target behavior and may not have noticed all occurrences of behaviorIndirect assessment may be based on incomplete info about target behaviortherefore most research and application in behavior mod relies on direct assessmentSteps needed to develop behavior recording plano1 Defining target behavioro2 Determining logistics of recordingo3 Choosing recording methodo4 Choosing recording instrumentDefining The Target BehaviorFirst step in developing a behavior recording plan is define target behavior you want to recordoTo define target behavior for particular person must identify exactly what person says or does that constitutes behavioral excess or deficit targeted for changeBehavioral definition includes active verbs describing specific behaviors that person exhibitsoObjective and unambiguousInternal states cant be observed and recorded by another personBehavioral definition does not make inferences about persons intentionsoIntentions cant be observed and inferences about intentions often are incorrectoLabels not used to defined behavior because labels dont identify persons actionsLabels for behaviors are ambiguouscan mean different things to different peopleLabels can be used incorrectly as explanations of behaviorMain value of labels is that they may be used as convenient shorthand when referring to target behaviorBehavior must always be defined before it can be observed and recorded
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