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Chapter 10

PSYB45 Chapter 10 Detailed notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 10Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus ControlWhat is PromptingPrompts used to increase likelihood that person will engage in correct behavior at correct time Used during discrimination training to help person engage in correct behavior in presence of discriminative Dstimulus SIf correct behavior is not occurring behavior cant be reinforcedFunction of prompts is to produce an instance of correct behavior so that it can be reinforcedUse of prompts makes teaching or training more efficientWhat is FadingDFading way to transfer stimulus control from prompts to the STypes of PromptsPrompt is antecedent stimulus or event used to evoke appropriate behavior in particular situationResponse promptsDoResponse prompt behavior of another person that evokes desired response in presence of SoVerbal prompts gestural prompts modeling prompts and physical promptsVerbal promptsoVerbal prompt When verbal behavior of another person results in correct response in presence of DSoWhen you can say something that helps person engage in correct behavioroMay include instructions rules hints reminders questions or any other verbal assistanceGestural promptsoAny physical movement or gesture of another person that leads to correct behavior in presence of DS oIf person demonstrates or models entire behavior considered a modeling promptModeling PromptsoAny demonstration of correct behavior by another person that makes it more likely that correct behavior will occur at right time DoPerson observes model and imitates modeled behavior in presence of SoFor modeling prompt to be successful person must be able to imitate models behavioroBecause imitation is type of behavior that most people learn early in life most people benefit from observing modelsPhysical promptsoAnother person physically helps person to engage correct behavior at right timeoPhysical prompt often involves and over hand guidancetrainer guides persons hands through behavioroPhysical promptingphysical guidanceoAll 4 types of response prompts involved behavior of one person who tries to influence behavior of another personoResponse prompts are intrusive involve one person exerting control over anotherStimulus PromptsoStimulus prompt involves some change in a stimulus or additional or removal of stimulus to make a correct response more likelyDDoStimulus prompt might involve a change in the S of Sdelta that makes the S more salient and Dthe s delta less salient so the person is more likely to respond to the SD oWithinstimulus prompt changing the SDYou can change salience of S or S delta in number of waysDCan change position of S or S delta or change some dimension
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