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Zachariah Campbell

by ent Chapter1d byiorobserved and recordednot observable to otherss the field of psychology concerned with Is an action that can be IPrivate events Characteristics of Behavior nderstanding the reasons for that behavior dentifying the functional relationship bw environmITo determine why heshe behaved that way Uevents and particular behavior ehavior may be overt and covert ehavior is lawful ehavior has an impact on the environment ehavior can be observed described or recorded ehavior have one or more dimensions ehavior is what people do or say ehavior Modification BBBBBBB Analyzing analyzing and modifying human behavior Covert Behaviour Overt Behavior Behavior Modification a person other than the other engaging in the behav other peopleDefiningegThinkingit cannot be observed or recorde that can be measured its occurrence is systemicallyulion tawfdimensionscehaviorado and say ldescribes how our behavior is influenced B The countof times a behavior occurslesp Time from when behavior startsfinishesPhysical force involved in the behaviorMeasure of the time from some event to the ympacts the environment physical and social nvolves movement through space and time t Measure the speed of the behaviorIIinciionr Pencyratensireedequencytehaviour isot a static characteristic of a personuehavior is an ehaviour can be observed described and recorded byehaviour involves a persons actionWhat people do or say atnioBinfluenced by environmental events What people Bothers or by the person engaging in the behaviorNBBFrDISpLstart of the behaviorav sic behaehaviors may be overt or covertehaviour has one or morePhysical Dimensions of a by or occurs as a function of environmental eventsB B Characteristics that define behavior are as follows INTRODUCTION TO BEHAVIOR MODIFICATIONBehaviour B
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