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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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PSYB45 NotesChap 4 Reinforcement y Reinforcement when a behaviour results in a favourable outcome one that contributes to the well being or survival of the animal that behaviour is more likely to be repeated in the future in similar circumstancesy Reinforcement is defined in 3 stepso The occurrence of a particular behaviour o Is followed by an immediate consequence o That results in the strengthening of the behavioury A behaviour that is strengthened thru the process of reinforcement is called an Operant Behaviour rat hitting the levero The consequence that strengthens an operant behaviour is called a Reinforcer getting foody Positive and Negative reinforcement are distinguished only by the nature of the consequence that follows the behaviour y Positive reinforcement o The occurrence of a behaviour o If followed by the addition of a stimulus reinforcer or an increase in intensity of the stimulus o Which results in the strengthening of the behaviour y Negative reinforcement o The occurrence of a behaviour o Is followed by the removal of a stimulus aversive stimulus or a decrease in the intensity of a stimulus o Which results in the strengthening of the behavioury Reinfor
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