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Chapter 2

chapter 2 notes

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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 NotesChap 2 Observing and Recording Behaviour Behavioural assessment measurement of a target behaviour to see whether or how it should be changed oIndirect assessment using interviews questionnaires and rating scales to obtain info on the target behaviouroDirect assessment observing and recording the target behaviour as it occurs Forthis the observer must be in close proximity and have a precise definition of thetarget behaviourThis type of assessment is more accurate because the observer is trained There are 4 steps needed to develop a behaviour recording planoDefining the behaviouroDetermining the logistics of recordingoChoosing the recording methodoChoosing a recording instrument It is a good behavioural definition if after seeing the definition different people can observe the same behaviour and agree that the behaviour is occurring The observer must be trained to identify the occurrence of the target behaviour and to record the behaviour immediatelyoWhen the client observes and records their own behaviour it is called SelfMonitoring If selfmonitoring is used the client must be trained to record their own behaviour in the same way than a observer would be trained In direct assessment the obse
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