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Chapter 9


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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB45 NotesChap 9 Shaping y Shaping used to develop a target behaviour that a person does not currently exhibit Shaping is defined as the Differential Reinforcement of successive approximations of a target behaviour until the person exhibits the target behaviouro Differential reinforcement occurs when one particular behaviour is reinforced and all other behaviour are not reinforced in a particular situationy Shaping can be used in the following ways o Generating a novel behaviour language in a child level pressing in a rat o Reinstating a previously exhibited behaviour walking which Mrs F refused to do o Changing some dimension of an existing behaviour the time between urination for Mrs S y It is appropriate to use shaping when your therapeutic goal is to develop a target behaviour that the person is not currently exhibitingy The following steps ensure appropriate use of shaping o Define the target behaviour so you can determine whetherwhen the shaping program is successful o Determine whether shaping is the most appropriate procedure You do not need to use shaping if you can simply tell the person how to engage in the target behaviour or if you can physically assist them to engage in the correct behaviouro Identify the starting behaviour the per
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