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Zachariah Campbell

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rol overthe g ative ative Chapter10rld on it teacher nd stimulusthe d response in lash card without Eventually she will fade the prompt andis one way to transfer stimulus control from theGradual elimination of the prompt as the behavior continues to occur in the presence of the discriminstimulusFadingprompts to the Discriminative stimulusEngaging in the correct behavior without prompts isgoal of prompting and fading the behavior Discriminative stimulus must have the stimulus contPrompting gets the correct behavior to occur fadintransfers stimulus control to the natural discriminstimuliif students cannot make the correct response theTeacher shows the students a flash card with the wo Dthe presence of the discriminative stimulusBehavior or another person that evokes the desire Eg Sthe students will read the world presented on the fany assistance TYPES OF PROMPTSPromptantecedent stimulus or event used to evokeappropriate behavior in a particular situationTwo major categories of prompts Response prompts aPrompts RESPONSE PROMPTSprovides a verbal promptat toldit can be h engage in Promptsaguers to hit lus control over he gave erbal prompt v He told matt how to hit Used to establishbatter correctly swings the bat gestural promptcCall provided a He physically guided Trevor through the MModeling PromptcCall provided The batter is more likely to swing correctly and MPitcher throws the ball ith Tom ith Luke coach cCall proved a c Call did to help the players hit the balls areBatter hits the ball and gets praise from the coac Outcomeinstructions and motioned to Tom how to swing the bthe ball and show him the desirable behaviorhit the ball thrown by the pitcherhim how to hit the ball correctlyPhysical Promptcorrect behavior until he could do it himselfreinforcedProduce an instance of the correct behavior so thatMWUsed to increase the likelihood that a person will the correct behavior at the correct timeEgWMprocedure for establishing desirable behavior What is Prompting What is fadingPrompting and Transfer of Stimulus ControlPROMPTING AND TRANSFER OF STIMULUS CONTROLShapingdesirable behavior and to develop appropriate stimuthe ball desired behaviors Example of Prompting and Fading Teaching little Le
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