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Zachariah Campbell

sayg it Tois not ior with s f Chapter6 future and may actually the future the hat behavior to say that you punish a person You dont to say that you punish a behavior or aProcess in which the consequence of a behaviorNEGATIVE PUNISHMENT DCorrectIncorrectThe occurrence of a behavior Followed by the presentation of an aversive stimuluResult the behavior is less likely to occur in theRealize it is very different from the common view opunishment in society It is time out is correct It is response You are weakening a behavior by punishinsayThe teacher punished Sarahs disruptive behavweaken a person you weaken a persons behavior ToThe teacher punished Sarah for disruptive behaviorcorrect123yPOSITIVE ANPositive Punishment scolding and spanking do not function as punishers function as Reinforcer Eg however if the behavior continues to occur inOn terms Punish Behavior not Peopleresults in a future decrease in the occurrence of tA COMMON MISCONCEPTION ABOUT PUNISHMENT Punishmenteat vior hat PUNISHMENT ence ing to gain in the ediate reases or stopswhether the e future as ait follows conclude that aif the behavior decreasesto occur in the futureresults in aFunctional definitionthat made it less likely that the person would rep aversive stimulus is a consequence that makes a A particular behavior occurs A consequence immediately follows the behavior As a result the behavior is less likely to occur afuture behavior is weakened strengthen operant behaviorPositive and negative reinforcement are processes tExtinction is the process that weakens operant beha 123punisherEFINING PUNISHMENTAnother point to consider is whether a behavior deconly at the time the consequence is administered orbehavior decreases in the futureresult of consequences in the futureWhen we define punishment or reinforcement accordwhether the behavior decreases or increases in th consequencethe behavior in similar situations in the futuredecrease in a particular behaviorEg dog bite burning hand A punisher is defined by its effect on the behavior You cannot define punishment by whether the consequA appears unfavorable unpleasant or aversive particular behavior less likelyparticular consequence is punishing ONLY D A person engaged in a behavior and there was an imm
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