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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 10 Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus Control What is Prompting? Prompts are used to increase the likelihood that a person will engage in the correct behavior at the correct time Used during discrimination training to help the person engage in the D correct behavior in the presence of the discriminative stimulus (S ) Prompts are stimuli given before or during the performance of a behavior The function of prompts is to produce an instance of the correct behavior so that is can be reinforced Makes teaching or training more efficient Different types of prompts o Instructions, gestures, modeling, and physical assistance What is Fading? Fading is one way to transfer stimulus control from the prompts to the SD Gradually remove the prompts until the behavior occurs in the presence of the S without any supplemental stimuli Ex. Stop giving instruction and the coach no longer had to model the behavior or provide physical assistance to help the players hit the ball Once the prompts are removed, the behavior is under the stimulus D control of the S Teaching is not complete until the prompts are completely faded (help D is removed) and the behavior is under stimulus control of the S Engaging in the correct behavior without prompts is the goal of prompting and fading Ultimately, the S must have stimulus control over the behavior *Prompting gets the correct behavior to occur; fading transfers D stimulus control to the natural S In fading, transfer of stimulus control happens because the S is always present when the correct response is emitted and reinforced, whereas the prompt is removed over time Types of Prompts (1) Response Prompts o The behavior of another person that evokes the desired response in the presence of the SD www.notesolution.com
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