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Konstantine Zakzanis

Behavior ModificationChapter 1January 302012 Introduction to Behavior ModificationExamples of behavior modificationo Ted and Jane were having difficulties in their marriage because of argumentsthey were told to increase positive interactions and decrease negative interactionso Karen was pulling her hair too muchshe was told to engaged in competing activities with her hands eg needle pointo Francisco was gaining too much weighthe joined a fitness group and deposited some money every time that he met one of his goals he got some money back Defining Human Behavior Behavior is what people do and say Characteristics that define behavior o Involves a persons actions and is described with action words ex Jennifer screamed at her mother ran upstairs and slammed the doorthis would behavior would be labeled as anger o Behavior has a number of dimensionsFrequencycount the number of times it occurs Duration the time it starts to when it stopsIntensitythe physical force involved in the behaviorLatencythe speed of the behavior o Can be observed recorded and described by others or the by the people engaging in the behavioro Has an impact on the environment physical or social ex Turn the light switch and the light switch turns on or it may only have an effect on the person that does the behavior o It is lawfulits occurrences is systematically influences by the environmental events relationship between environment and the behaviorEx When a child receives high levels of attention from the teacher he shows less disruptive behavior o May be Overt or Covertmostly behavior modification is used to understand and change overt behaviors Overt an action that can be observed and recorded by a person other then the one engaging in the behavior Covert private events that are not observable to others ex Thinking Examples of Behavior Martha sits at the computer and types and email to her parentso Typing is an action and has physical dimensionso Is observable and measurable o Has an impact on the environment produces letters on the screen o Lawfuloccurs because of previous learning that pressing keys puts letters on the screenDefining Behavior Modification
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