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Konstantine Zakzanis

Behavior ModificationChapter 6PunishingDefining Punishment A person engages in a behavior and there was an immediate consequence that made it unlikely that the person would engage in the behavior again Ex Kathy reaches over to pet the dog and she gets bit she will therefore not engage in that behavior again Punishment o A particular behavior occurso A consequence immediately follows the behavioro As a result the behavior is less likely to occur again in the futureA punisher is a consequence that makes it less likely for a particular behavior to occur again in the future A stimulus or event is a punished when it decrease the frequency of the behavior it followsEx Juan hits his sister until she cries as a result his mother spanks him BUT this does not stop him from engaging in the behavior the next day WHY o Its positive reinforcement because his hitting results in the presentation of a consequence spanking and crying and therefore he will engage in the behavior again Therefore punishment cannot be defined as something that Is unpleasant or aversiveit is something that will DECREASE the behaviorin Juans case the spanking may be unfavorable but it does not result in him stoppingHalf to look at whether the punishment is decreasing behavior immediately or in the futurespanking seems to be an IMMEDIATE decrease in behavior but is not lastingParents are negatively reinforced to continue spanking the child because it stops the aversive behavior temporarilyA Comman Misconception about Punishment Most people define punishment as something that is used to stop behavior but also has elements of retributionthe intent to hurt someone who has commited a crime In behavior mod its used diffdoes not have anything to do with wrong or dangerous The way that society sees punishment is diff from how its used in behavior modification Positive and Negative Punishment POSITIVE o The occurrence of behavioro Followed by the presence of an aversive stimuluso The behavior is less likely to occur in the future
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