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Zachariah Campbell

Understanding Problem Behaviors through Functional Assessment Chapter13Focus on behavioral procedures for understanding problem behaviorsOperant behavior is controlled by antecedents and consequences that and increasing and decreasing existing behaviors make up threeterm contingencies of reinforcement and punishmentTo understand why the person engages in the behavior you mustFunctional Assessment is the process of gathering information about conduct an assessment of the threeterm contingency to determine the antecedents and consequences that are functional related to the the antecedent events the evoke the behavior and the reinforcing occurrence of a problem behaviorprovides information that helps consequences that maintain ityou determine why a problem behavior is occurringProcess of identifying these variables before treating a problemThe info on the threeterm contingency will help you to identify the behavior is calledFundamental Assessment antecedents that have stimulus control over the behavior and the reinforcing consequences that maintain the behavior Examples of Functional Assessment Jacob engaged in problem behaviors involving throwing objects Categories of Information from a Functional Assessmentbanging his head on the ground and whiningProblem Behaviors An objective description of the behaviors thatFirst step was to conduct a functional assessment to determine why make up the problem Jacob was engaging in these behaviorsAntecedents An objective description of environmental eventsAsked questions about the problem behaviors to this mom figuring preceding the problem behavior including aspects of the physical out the antecedent circumstances the consequences were reliably environment and the behavior of other people associated with the behavior ConsequencesAn objective description of environmental events thatAfter based on the information from the interview and the follow the problem behavior including aspects of the physical observationsdevelop a hypothesis environment and the behavior of other peopleTo determine if the hypothesis was correct conduct a briefAlternative behaviors Information on desirable behaviors in the experiment persons repertoire that may be reinforced to compete with theAntecedentOther kids play with Jacobs toys BehaviorJacob problem behavior bangs his head whines and throws toys ConsequenceKids returnMotivational variables Information on environmental events that may Jacobs toys to himfunction asestablishing operationsorabolishing operations toOutcome Jacob is more likely to engage in headbanging whining and influence the effectiveness of Reinforcer and punishers for the toythrowing when other children play with his toys problem behaviors and alternative behaviors Treatment Jacob to learn to ask for the toys functionally equivalentPotential Reinforcer Information on environmental eventsincluding to the problem behaviorphysical stimuli and the behavior of other peoplethat may functionTreatment helped Jacob replace the undesirable behavior with a as Reinforcer and be used in a treatment programdesirable behaviorPrevious Interventions Information on the interventions that have Conducting a functional assessment is always the first step in using been used in the past and their effects on the problem behavior behavior modification procedures to decrease problem behaviors Functions of Problem BehaviorsPrimary purpose of functional assessment is to identify the function of the Defining Functional AssessmentBehavior is lawfulbehavior occurs as a function of environmental problem behaviorvariables Respondent behavior is controlled by antecedent stimuli
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