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Zachariah Campbell

Behavioral Contracts Chapter 23 Token economy is a procedure through which reinforcement and punishment contingencies can be applied systematically to manage the behavior of clients in a structured treatment environmentBehavioral contract is another procedure used to apply reinforcement and punishment contingencies to help people manage their own behavior Examples of Behavioral Contracting Getting Steve to Complete His DissertationSteve graduate student completed his course work but not finished writing his dissertationTold himself to write the papers after workbut found something else to do insteadSteve went to a psychological clinic to see a psychologist 1 Steve set some reasonable goals for himself 9pages a week 1 pageweekday and 2pagesweekend 2 To document that he had written the nine pages Steve agreed to bring typed pages to his meeting ever week with psychologist 3 Next Steve had to agree on a reinforcement contingency that would motivate him to write the 9 pages per weekSteve had a collection of vintage jazz albums he cherished if he had not written his 9 pages he had to give one of his album to universityThis is negative reinforcement contingency bc by writing the nine pages and showing psychologist Steve avoids the aversive event giving away an albumAfter they agree on the conditions they sign a form the contractHelping Dan and His Parents get along betterDan grew up in a
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