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Chapter 6

Chapte 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

CH 6: DEVELOPING BEHAVIORAL PERSISTENCE THROUGH THE USE OF INTERMITTENT REINFORCEMENT Some definitions Intermittent reinforcement refers to the maintenance of a behavior by reinforcing it only occasionally rather than every time it occurs Schedule reinforcement is a rule specifying which occurrences of a given behavior if any will be reinforced Continuous reinforcement (crf) is the simplest schedule of reinforcement The opposite of continuous reinforcement is called extinction. On extinction schedule no instance of a given behavior is reinforced. bw these 2 extremes- continuous reinforcement & extinction lies intermittent reinforcement intermittent reinforcement schedule is any rule specifying a procedure for occasionally reinforcing a behavior there are unlimited # of such schedules while a behavior is begin learned it is said to be in the acquisition phase after it has become well learned it is said to be in the maintenance phase its desirable to provide continuous reinforcement during acquisition & then switch to intermittent reinforcement during maintenance intermittent schedules have several advantages over continuous reinforcement for maintenance behavior: a) reinforcers remains effective longer cuz satiation takes place more slowly b) behavior that has been reinforced intermittently tends to take longer to extinguish c) individuals work more consistently on certain intermittent schedules www.notesolution.com
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