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Chapter 19

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Zachariah Campbell

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CHAPTER 19 PROMOTING GENERALIZATIONWhy is programming for generalization importantProgramming for generalization increases the likelihood that the behaviour change will occur in all relevant situations or circumstances in the persons life EXAMPLES OF GENERALIZATION PROGRAMMING For the case of Mrs Williams programming for generalization occurred by training all the staff on how to use the procedure successfully and instructing them to use it at all times For the case of Marcia the receptionist successful programming for generalization involves getting her to say NO to a wide range of unreasonable requests DEFINING GENERALIZATIONStimulus control makes it more likely for a behaviour to occur when an Sd Is present for the behaviourHow do you know generalization has occurredGeneralization is the occurrence of the behaviour in the presence of stimuli that are similar in some way to the Sd that was present during trainingoccurrence of behaviour in the presence of all relevant stimuli STRATEGIES FOR PROMOTING GENERALIZATION OF BEHAVIOUR CHANGE What are the strategies for promoting generalization of behaviour change and describe each one in
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