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Chapter 20

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

CHAPTER 20 BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION SELF MANAGEMENT What is self management This is a procedure that a person uses to change hisher behaviours Getting Murray to Start Exercising again Getting Anneatte to clean up her mess DEFINING SELF MANAGEMENT PROBLEMSWhat are the two selfmanagement problems and define each in turn Behavioural deficit is when they fail to engage in desirable behaviours but the behaviour doesnt occur because it is not reinforced immediately or there is a competing behaviour immediately reinforced Behavioural Excess ie overating over smoking etc re behavioural problems that have a negative impact on an indiivudlas life in future but it continues because it is immediately reinforcedTemporal discounting says that the longer the delay between behaviours and reinforcing consewuence the less likely the consequence is to function as a reinforce DEFINING SELF MANAGEMENT person engages in behaviourone time to control the occurrence of the behaviour at another time Controlling behaviour influences the fut
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