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Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Behavioural Contracts  Defining the behavioural contract o a procedure used to apply reinforcement and punishment contingencies to help ppl manage their own behaviour o aka a contingency contract or a performance contract o a written agreement between 2 parties in which one or both parties agree to engage in a specified level of a TB or behaviours o contract states the consequence that will be administered contingent on the occurrence (or occurrence) of the behaviour  Components of a Behavioural Contract o there are 5 essential components o 1) Identifying the TBs  be clear and objective  TBs may include undesirable and/or desirable behaviours  with assistance of a contract manager, client chooses TBs that are meaningful and need of change to improve various aspects of their lives o 2) Stating how the TBs will be measured  ppl responsible for implementing the contract (the contract manager or contract participants) must have objective evidnce of the occurrence of the TBs  must be able to prove that TBs did or did not occur so contingencies can be implemented correctly  acceptable methods include  permanent products of the behaviours (homework sheets)  direct observation and documentation by the contract manager or an agreed-upon 3 party o ie. coming home before curfew  if measurements are objective, there can be no ambiguity and therefore no conflict in implementing the contract o 3) Stating when the behaviour must be performed.  each contract must have a time frame stating when the behaviour must occur (or not occur) for contingency to be implemented o 4) Identifying the reinforcement or punishment contingency  contract manager uses positive/negative reinforcement/punishment to help client perform/refrain the TB  contingency is written clearly in contract  client agrees to specified level of TB and on the consequence  4 types of contingencies possible in a behavioural contract (positive/negative reinforcement/punishment) o 5) Identifying who will implement the contingency  contract necessarily involves 2 parties (1 engages in TB, one implements consequences)  contract clearly states who will implement contingency  sometimes both parties agree to engage in a TB, and both implement consequences  Types of Behavioural Contracts o one party  aka unilateral contract  one person seeks to change and arranges contingencies with a contract manager who implements them  used when a person wants to increase/decrease desirable/undesirable vehaviours  contract manager can be a professional or a friend  must not stand to gain from the contingencies  if they benefit, they may not implement the contingencies fairly  must implement the contingencies as written  sometimes difficult for friends/family to implement o (might plead/beg/getangryetc) o must be taught to adhere to contract despite the relationship  less of a problem when they have authority in the relationship (parents)  best if using a trained professional in BM who has no personal relationship with the client o two party  both parties want a change in behaviour  aka bilateral contract  between parties that have a relationship with each other  typically each party is displeased with some behaviour of the other party  contract identifies behaviour changes that will be pleasing to both parties  the behaviour change of one party acts as the reinforcer for the other  aka quid pro quo contract: one thing is given in return fo
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