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Chapter 2

Behaviour Modification - Chapter Two detailed notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 2 Observing and Recording Behavior One fundamental aspect is measuring the behavior; measurement of target behavior in behavior modification is called behavioral assessment, its important because: Measuring behavior before treatment gives you information to decide whether treatment is necessary. Behavioral assessment helps you chose the best treatment Measuring target behavior before and after treatment allows you to determine whether behavior has changed Two types of behavioral assessments: Indirect assessment: interviews, questionnaires and rating scales. Direct assessment: Person observes and records targets behavior as it occurs. The observer must be in close proximity so the target behavior can be seen or heard. Also the observer must have a precise definition of the behavior so that it can be detected easily now the behavior can be recorded. Direct assessment is more accurate because you are trained to observe the target behavior, indirect you rely on peoples memories. Ex school psychologist observes social interactions (direct), interviews teacher (indirect) Steps needed to develop a behavior recording plan: Defining the target behavior This is the first step, identifying the excess or deficit behavior. The behavioral definition includes active verbs describing behavior. Ex, unsportsmanlike behavior defined as yelling, throwing hat, kicking dirt etc. No internal states or intentions were mentioned because you cannot obse
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