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Chapter 3

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Zachariah Campbell

CHAPTER 3 GRAPHING BEHAVIOUR AND MEASURING CHANGEmeasuring change allows you to determine if the behaviour modification procedure has actually implemented a changeGraph visual representation of the occurrence of a behaviour over timeallows you to document behaviours over time and also compareFollow up period the long period after treatment has been implemented Components of a graph time and behaviour are the two variables illustrated gives you the time and the level of the behaviour at that time Abscissa xaxis time Ordinate yaxis vertical 6 components are necessary for a graph to be completey axisx axislabels for the yx axisnumbers on the yx axisdata points plotted correctly on the graph phase lines indicates a change to treatment from no treatment to treatment or from treatment to no treatmentdata points shouldnt be connected across the phase lines phase labels usually no treatment baseline and treatment behavioural contract particular treatment the student is using to increase studyin
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