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Chapter 6

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Zachariah Campbell

CHAPTER 6 PUNISHMENTDefining punishment Three parts to the definition 1 A particular behaviour occurs 2 A consequence immediately follows the behaviour 3 As a result the behaviour is less likely to occur again in the future the behaviour is weakenedPunisher aversive stimulus is a consequence that makes a particular behaviour less likely to occur in the futurea stimulus event is a punisher when it decreases the frequency of the behaviour it follows you cant define punishment by whether the consequence appears unfavourable or aversiveyou can only conclude that a particular behaviour is punishing only if the behaviour decreases in the future if the behaviour only decreases or stops temporarily then it cant be defined as punishment eitherremember that the technical definition of punishment is different from the everyday term punishment refers to a process in which the consequence of a behaviour results in a future decrease in the occurrence of that behaviourPositive and negative punishment Positive punishment 1 The occurrence of a behaviour 2 Is followed by the presentation
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