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Chapter 11

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PSYB45 Chapter 11 Behavioral chain (stimulus-response chain) – a complex behavior consisting of many component behaviors that occur together in a sequence Task analysis – analyzing a behavioral chain by breaking it down to its individual stimulus-response components - Different ways to conduct a task analysis: o Observe a competent person engage in the task o Ask an expert o Perform the task yourself and record each of the component responses Chaining procedures – systematic application of prompting and fading strategies to each stimulus-response component in the chain 1) Backward chaining a. Used with learners with limited abilities b. Use prompting and fading to teach the last behavior in the chain first c. Learner receives the natural reinforcer in every learning trial 2) Forward chaining a. Use prompting and fading to teach the first behavior in the chain first b. Artificial reinforcers are used until the last component of the chain is taught. The natural reinforcer occurs after the last behavior of the chain 3) Total task presentation a. The complex chain of behaviors is taught as a single unit b. Use prompting to get the learner to engage in the entire chain of behaviors from start to finish. Fade prompts when learner successfully completes the task. Provide a reinforcer every time learner completes task (with or without prompts) i. Graduated guidance – use hand-to-hand guidance to lead the learner through the ta
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