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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

CHAPTER 11- CHAINING Winter 2010 Background: Prompts are used to evoke a behavior and transfer of stimulus control is used to eliminate the prompts and get the behavior to in the presence of the relevant discriminative stimulus (S ). Most often, these procedures are used to develop simple discriminations in which one response occurs in the presence of one (S ). - Example: A student reads a word correctly 1. You say thank you WHEN someone gives you something Each of the above examples involves one behavior occurring in the correct situation. However, many situations call for complex behaviors that have multiple component responses. - This is called behavioral chain Examples of Behavioral Chains: When you want a piece of chewing gum: 1. Reach into your pocket 2. Pull out the pack of gum 3. Pull a single stick out of the pack 4. Unwrap the piece, and 5. Put the gum into your mouth. You can only engage in a particular behavior in the sequence only if the previous behavior in the sequence has been completed. You cant put the gum in your mouth unless you have taken it out of your pocket. Analyzin
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