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Chapter 4

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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture notes on Chapter 4 What is Reinforcement? Reinforcement is the process in which a behaviour is strengthened by the immediate consequence that reliably follows its occurrence Physical vs social environment Physical envt is more predictable. The difference btween the two envts is : PREDICTABILITY ABC’s Antecedent Behavior Consequence Every intervention and situation can be broken down to these. If it cant be broken down, it cant be studied. The terms reinforcement and positive reinforcement are often used interchangeably. They mean the same thing. Operant behaviors are those that operate on the environment to generate consequences, and are in turn influenced by those consequences. Reinforcers are those consequences that strengthen an operant behaviour. They are different for diff erent people. They also vary for the same person from situations to situations. Everybody is different, hence different things function as reinforcers for different people. You cannot assume that a certain thing may be a reinforcer for another person just because it was an reinforce for another individual.How you interact or ‘operate’ on the en
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