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Zachariah Campbell

CH6 PUNISHMENTNegative and positive reinforcement are processes tht strengthen operant behavior and extinction is a process tht weaken the operant behavior also punishmentDefining PunishmentWhen a person engaged in a behavior and there was an immediate consequence tht made it less likely tht the person would repeat the behavior in similar situations in the future Punisher also called aversive stimulus is a consequence tht mkes a particular behavior less likely to occur in the future It is defined by the effect of the behavior it follows A stimulus or event is a punisher when it decreases the frequency of the behavior it followsyou cant define punishment by whether the consequence appears unfavourable unpleasant or aversive You can conclude tht a particular consequence is punishing only if the behavior decreases in the future A misconception about punishmentIn behav Mod is the process in which consequence of a behavior results in a future decrease in the occurrence of the behaviorin some context punishment not only involves the hope tht the behavior will cease but also elements of retribution or retaliation part of the intent is to hurt the person who has committed the crimePositive and Negative PunishmentDifference btwn the two is determined by the consequence of the behavior Positive punishment occurrence of a behavior followed by the presentation of an aversive stimulus and the behavior is less likely to occur in the futureEx girl slapping herself in the face and behavior decreased as a result of electric shocksAnother form of positive punishment is based on the Premack principle which states tht when a person is mde to engage in a low probability behavior contingent on a high probability behavior the high probability behavior will decrease in frequency That is after engaging in a problem behavior a person has to do something they dont want to do the person will be less likely to engage in the prblm behavior in the futureNegative punishment occurrence of a behavior followed by removal of a reinforcing stimulus and behavior is less likely to occur in the future Theyre parallel to the definitions of positive and negative reinforcement Reinforcement strengthens a behavior or mkes it more likely to occur in the future whereas punishment weakens a behavior or mkes it less likely to occur in the future
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