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Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 25 Cognitive behaviors can also function as SD for desirable behaviors Cognitive behaviors may function as establishing operations that influence the power of consequences to function as reinforcers or punishers Cognitive restructuring : designed to replace specific maladaptive cognitive behaviors with more adaptive ones used with behavioral excesses Cognitive coping: designed to teach new cognitive behaviors that are then used to promote other desirable behavioursused with behavrioual deficits Cognitive Behaviour Modification Procedures: Cognitive restructuring 1. Helping the client identify the distressing thoughts and the situations in which they occur 2. Helping the client identify the emotional response, unpleasant mood, or problem behavior that follows the distressing thought 3. Helping the client stop thinking the distressing thoughts by helping the client think more rational or desirable thoughts *Cognitive therapy to help people change their behavior including their distorted thoughts or self talk. Cognitive Coping skills training : therapi
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