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Chapter 16

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Zachariah Campbell

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Behavior Modification Principles and Procedures Chapter 16Antecedent Control ProceduresFunctional assessment extinction and differential reinforcement are used to increase desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors o Functional assessment procedures are used to identify the antecedents and consequences that maintain the desirable and undesirable target behaviors with extinction procedures the reinforcer for an undesirable behavior is removed with differential reinforcement procedures reinforcers are delivered for alternative desirable behaviorsIn antecedent control procedures aka antecedent manipulations antecedent stimuli are manipulated to evoke desirable behaviors so that they can be differentially reinforced and to decrease undesirable behaviors that interfere with the desirable behaviorsOne reason that a desirable behavior may not occur often is that the Ddiscriminative stimuli S for the behavior are not present in the persons environmentWays to use antecedent control to make it more likely that a desirable behavior will occur Do Presenting the discriminative stimulus S or cues for the desired behavior ex studying with others making a schedule o Decreasing response effort for the desirable behavior arrange antecedent conditions that require less effort to engage in behavior o You can arrange an establishing operation that will
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