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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 4: Reinforcement Reinforcement: process in which behaviour is strengthened by immediate consequence that reliably follows its occurrence that results in strengthening of behaviour Operant behaviour: acts on environment to produce a consequence and in turn, is controlled by or occurs again in future as result of its immediate consequence. Consequence that strengthens an operant behaviour is reinforce Positive reinforcement: Occurrence of behaviour Followed by addition of stimulus or increase in intensity of stimulus Results in strengthening of behaviour Negative reinforcement: Occurrence of behaviour Followed by removal of stimulus or decrease in intensity of stimulus Results in strengthening of behaviour Stimulus: object or event that can be detected by one of senses Positive reinforcer: stimulus presented or appears after behaviour Aversive stimulus: stimulus that is removed or avoided after behaviour Social reinforcement: when behaviour produces a reinforcing consequence through actions of another person Automatic: when behaviour produces reinforcing consequence through direct contact with physical environment Premack principle: type of positive reinforcement involves opportunity to engage in high probability behaviour as consequence for low probability behaviour, to increase the low probability behaviour
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