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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 8: Respondent Conditioning Respondent Conditioning o Operant behaviours controlled by their consequences o Operant conditioning- manipulation of consequences Respondent behaviours controlled (elated) by antecedent stimuli o Respondent conditioning- manipulation of antecedent stimuli Unconditioned responses (URs)- elicited by antecedent stimuli even though no conditioning learning occurred o Occurs in all healthy people when unconditioned stimulus (US) present Trace conditioning: neutral stimulus (NS) precedes US, but NS ends before US is presented Delay condition: NS presented and then US presented before NS ends Simultaneous condition: NS and US presented at same time Backward conditioning: US presented before NS o Less likely to be effective Higher-order conditioning: when NS paired with already established CS and NS becomes CS o Depends on how well established CS is when paired with NS Conditioned emotional responses (CERs) Spontaneous recovery- when CS elicits CR after extinction has taken place o CR disappear if US is not presented with CS during spontaneous recover Discrimination in respondent
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