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Chapter 24

Chapter 24

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 24: Fear and Anxiety Reduction Procedures Example: Trisha practices public speaking in front of an increasing number of people while maintaining relaxation Defining Fear and Anxiety Problems Fear composed of operant and respondent behaviour o Typically, person afraid of particular stimulus or stimulus situation. When stimulus present, person experiences unpleasant bodily responses (autonomic nervous system arousal) and engages in escape or avoidance behaviour Bodily responses are respondent behaviours called anxiety o Autonomic nervous system arousal involved in anxiety is an establishing operation that makes it more likely that person will engage in escape or avoidance behaviour at this time Example: Trisha being in front of class to give talk is CS that elicits CR of autonomic arousal o Thinking about talk and imagining herself giving talk also CSs that elicit CR, operant behaviour involves dropping classes in which she would have to give talk Procedures to Reduce Fear and Anxiety Based on principles of respondent conditioning, operant conditioning, or combination of two Relaxation training Strategies that people use to decrease autonomic arousal that they experience as component of fear and anxiety problems Person engages in specific relaxation behaviours that result in bodily responses opposite to autonomic arousal o Bodily responses include tense muscles, rapid heart rate, cold hands, rapid breathing 4 common relaxation training approaches are progressive muscle relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, attention-focusing exercises and behavioural relaxation training Progressive muscle relaxation (P
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