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Chapter 5

PSYB45 Chapter 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 5 Extinction Extinction: is a basic principle of behaviour in which a behaviour that has previously been reinforced for a period of time was no longer reinforced and therefore the behaviour stops occurring in the future Extinction burst-when behaviour is no longer reinforced, three things might happen: 1. The behaviour may briefly increase in frequency, duration and intensity 2. Novel behaviours may occur 3. Emotional responses and aggressive behaviour may occur Spontaneous recovery: is the natural tendency for the behaviour to occur again in situations that are similar to those in which it occurred and was reinforced before extinction. E.g Amanda may cry at night long after extinction and if she gets no attention, she will eventually stop crying. However, if her parents come and give her attention, then her behaviour is reinforced and the effect of extinction will be lost Procedural Variations of extinction  The positive reinforce is no longer delivered after the behaviour  The negative stimulus is no longer removed after the behaviour For example, Shandra lies to her parents when she comes home after curfew, and therefore avoids getting scolded and grounded and as a result she is more likely to lie in the future about coming home late (reinforcement) On the other hand, Shandra lies to her parents about coming home late after curfew and the parents scold her and ground her. She does not avoid aversive consequences and therefore she is less likely to lie about coming home late in the future (extinction) Note that extinction is procedurally different when a behaviour has been maintained by positive reinforce
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