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Chapter 13

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 13: Understanding Problem Behaviours through Functional Assessment When using behaviour modification, the first step is to understand why person engage in that behaviour conduct assessment of the three-term contingency to determine the antecedent and consequences that maintain it o Identifying these variables before treating the problem behaviour Functional Assessment Examples of Functional Assessment Jacob problem behaviours (e.g. Head banging) in day carconducted functional assessment through interviewing his mom and direct observation in his natural setting concluded that he showed his behaviour when other kids took his toys by doing experiment o A: Kids taking his toys B: Banging his head, whining et c. C: Got his toy back (reinforcing) o Treatment : A: kids take his toys B: Ask it back C: Got his toy back A: kids take his toB: bang head et c C: dont get his toys back (extinction) Anna problem behaviour s conducted Functional Assessment through interviewing her mom & Direct observatio nconcluded that moms attention was the reinforcing consequences through experiment o A: Moms not paying attentio n B: she kicks, scream etc. C: Moms pays attention o Treatment (similar to Jacob): A: mom not paying attent ionB: Ask for her mothers attention C: mothers pay attention (similar to Jacob in extinction too) Defining Functional Assessment Behaviour is lawful (is f(x) of environmental variabes) espondent behaviour controlled by Antecedent Stimuli ; Operant behaviour controlled by Antecedent & Consequences (ABC of reinforcing & punishment Thus, Functional Assessment is the process of gathering info about the antecedents & consequences that are functionally related to the occurrences of a problem behaviour Functions of Problem Behaviour Also provides info about Antecedent stimulus including time, place, people present , and nay environmental event immediately preceding the behaviour Also provided other info - existence of alternative behaviour that may be functionally equivalent to TB, motivation variables (establishing operations) , reinforcing stimuli for that person, History of previous treatment www.notesolution.com
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