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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 txtbook notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 16: Antecedent Control Procedures aka antecedent manipulation- antecedent stimuli are manipulated to evoke desirable behaviours so that they can be differentially reinforced & to decrease undesirable behaviours that interfere w the desirable behaviours Examples of Antecedent Control Getting Marianne to study more: each step involved manipulating antecedent to study oFound 2 hours each day that would be best time for her to study & wrote it in her appointment book for each day if the week -> decided to study in library oIdentified a friend that would study w her & wrote down her schedule for day in board -> told her friends not to bother her during that time oKept her books in her bag to study in extra time & wrote down all her tests & assignments in a board & crossed each day of it to see how close she is getting to tests etc. oWrote a contract w her counsellor committing to study each day Getting Cal to Eat Right did similar to example above w changing the antecedent conditions that contributed to hi eating behaviour Defining Antecedent Control Procedures Involves manipulating some aspect of the physical or social environment to evoke a desired response to make a competing undesirable behaviour less likely 6 diff procedures: Presenting the S or Cues for the Desire Behaviour One reason that a desirable behaviour isnt occurring very often is that the S for behaviour are not present in the persons environment oE.g. eating healthy food is possible if its present in their environment (kitchen) & are readily available to that person Cal stock the fridge w healthy food, made healthy lunch etc. Also used stimulus prompt & response prompt to evoke behaviour- e.g. a grocery list (stimulus prompt) & asked his friend to remind him (response prompt) etc. oE.g. Marianne to study more S was desk quite place w books (e.g. library) www.notesolution.com
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