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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 txtbook notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 17: Using Punishment Time-out & Response Cost Punishment - when a behaviour is followed by consequences that result in decrease in the future probability of the behaviour positive & negative punishment behaviour is weakened o Positive Punishment involves consequences that involve presentation of stimulus event o Negative Punishment involves consequences that involve removal of a stimulus event Punishment procedure is typically used only after functional non-aversive intervention (Ch 13- 16) have been implemented or considered Using punishment procedure can be controver sial ay violate rights of person being treated & positive punishment involve presenting aversive stimulus; thus, may bring pain discomfort for the person receiving the treatment o But to keep in mind aversive stimulus in BM is defined by its effects on the behaviour not in terms of painful unpleasant feeling If punishment is used it is most often a negative reinforcement (removing reinforcement after that behaviour) Time- Out Cheryl broke her toys & others teacher took her to corner & told her it was wrong to do so & sit there & teacher praised otheasfter 2 min, she came took the child & when Cheryl didnt act out teacher praised her after time outs, her behaviour decreased greatly o Removed from reinforcer activity for few min contingent on an instance of the problem behaviour is called Time-Out Kenny similar situation to Cheryl w reinforcing situation being able to watch TV & play w toys & similar solutin Time-outs in each occasion the child was removed from the reinforcing situation for brief period Other procedures used in conjunction w time-o utDifferential Reinforcement where they praise for appropriate behaviour o Also w Kenny used stimulus control, where close proximity of parents & eye- contact w him became discriminative stimulus in presence of which his refusal behaviour was punished Types of Time-Out www.notesolution.com
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