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Chapter 18

Chapter 18 txtbook notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 18: Positive Punishment Procedures & the Ethics of Punishment Positive punishment: aversive events are applied contingent on the occurrence of a problem behaviour use of it is controversial oFunctional non-aversive treatment should always be used before considering punishment & reinforcement should always be used in conjunction w punishment 2 categories of aversive events used in punishment: application of aversive activities & application of aversive stimulation Application of Aversive Activities Allison draw in the wall due to anger father made hear clean up the walls & watched her do it wout talking to her but using physical guidance if ne edleds likely to draw on walls again Simon w bed wettin g have to get inside the cover, then get up & stand in front of washroom before going to back to sl eep ade bed-wetting less Both of case above- contingent on the problem behaviour , made to engage in an aversive activit result: problem behaviour was less likely to occur in the future oAversive activity - low-probability behaviour the person typically wouldnt choose to engage in This form of positive punishment is based on the Premack Principle requirement to engage in low-probability behaviour (aversive activities) is made contingent on the occurrence of high-probability behaviour (problem behav ioutr)e high-probability behaviour will decrease Aversive activity is a behaviour that can be punisher for another beha vosur result: change agent often has to use physical guidance to get the client to engage in aversive activity contingent on the problem behaviour oE.g. w Allison parent had to use physical guidance for her to finish cleaning the walls www.notesolution.com
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