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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Differential Reinforcement

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Zachariah Campbell

B45: Behaviour Modification Chapter 15: Differential Reinforcement DIFFERENTIAL REINFORCEMENT OF ALTERNATIVE BEHAVIOUR (DRA) Differential reinforcement of alternative behaviour- behavioural procedure used to increase the frequency of a desirable behaviour and to decrease the frequency of an undesirable behaviour. The desirable behaviour is reinforced each time it occurs, any undesirable behaviours that may interfere are not reinforced. The DRA involves combining reinforcement for a desirable behaviour and extinction for undesirable behaviours. Stereotypic behaviour- repetitive behaviours that do not serve any social function for the individual. They function to produce some form of sensory stimulation for the individual. Ex. Those with mental retardation may always slap their heads with their hands, body rocking etc. When to Use DRA. You must answer these three questions before deciding if DRA is the right procedure to use: 1) Do you want to increase the rate of a desirable behaviour? 2) Is the behaviour already occurring at least occasionally? 3) Do you have access to a reinforcer that you can deliver after the occurrence of the behaviour? If procedures such as shaping or prompting are used initially to evoke the behaviour, DRA may then be used to strengthen and maintain the behaviour. Steps On How to Use DRA. Define the desirable behaviour helps ensure that you are reinforcing the correct behaviour and allows you to record the behaviour to determine whether treatment is successful. Define the undesired behaviours helps ensure that you are not using reinforcement when the undesirable behaviour occurs and also allows you to record the undesirable behaviours to determine whether they decrease after DRA Identify the reinforcer it is important to determine a reinforcer specific to the person with whom you are working; the reinforcer is what will be increasing the desirable behaviour Reinforce the desirable behaviour immediately and consistently a delay in reinforcement of the desirable behaviour will make DRA less effect, so will the inability of being inconsistent 1 www.notesolution.com
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