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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Promoting Generalization

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Zachariah Campbell

B45: Behaviour Modification Chapter 19: Promoting Generalization Programming for generalization increases the likelihood that the behaviour change will occur in all relevant situations or circumstances in the persons life. Generalization- a process in which the behaviour occurs in the presence of antecedent stimuli that are similar in some way to the discriminative stimulus present when the behaviour was reinforced. Generalization is also defined as the occurrence of a target behaviour in a nontraining situation after training. STRATEGIES FOR PROMOTING GENERALIZATION OF BEHAVIOUR CHANGE i. Reinforcing instances of generalization. ii. Training skills that contact natural contingencies of reinforcement. iii. Modifying natural contingencies of reinforcement and punishment. iv. Incorporating a wide range of relevant stimulus situations in training. v. Incorporating common stimuli. vi. Teaching a range of functionally equivalent responses. vii. Incorporating self generated mediators of generalizations. Reinforcing Occurrences of Generalization. Reinforce the behaviour when it occurs outside the training session in the presence of relevant stimuli. One draw back is that it is not always possible to provide reinforcement outside of the training session. Training Skills that Contact Natural Contingencies of Reinforcement. If you cannot provide reinfo
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