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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Self Management

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Zachariah Campbell

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B45: Behaviour Modification Chapter 20: Self Management DEFINING SELF MANAGEMENT Self management- the person engages in a behaviour that alters an antecedent or consequence of the target behaviour or alternative behaviour. Self management involves a controlling behaviour and a controlled behaviour; the person engages in controlling behaviour to influence the future of the controlled behaviour. Controlling behaviour- the antecedents and consequences of a target behaviour andor alternative behaviours are modified. Controlled behaviour- the target behaviour that is influenced in a self management project. o Ex. Murray engaged in a number of controlling behaviours- such as setting goals, self monitoring, eating a snack at work, arranging to run with others- that it made it more likely that he would run more often (the controlled behaviour). TYPES OF SELF MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES Goal Setting and Self Monitoring. Goal setting- the person decides on and writes down the desired level of the target behaviour he or she hopes to achieve as a result of self management procedures. You should set goals that are achievable; whe
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